Do you experience problems with sending your emails? There are a few different causes for this and one simple and ultimate solution. Just use a professional SMTP service as your outgoing mail server and forget about all those issues. This site is specially designed to help you to decide which SMTP server will be the best for you. We will let you know everything you might need to decide. We believe that we can really help you here. If there is anything you would like to know but you can’t find – just use our contact form.

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  • Send your emails from any location in the world. No more blocking your outgoing mail from remote locations.
  • Have a possibility to check your email’s delivery status.
  • Simple setup – few minutes and you are good to go.
  • Use it with any tool or software that can send emails – Outlook, Opera, Thunderbird, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Gmail and many more. We will show you how to set everything up in minutes in our HOW2 section.

Know enough? Below is a table which allow you to compare all the best SMTP server service providers.

SMTP services comparison – prices for sample emails limit

SMTP services comparison - prices for sample emails limit

In the column's headers you can see a sample limits for different SMTP services in emails per month. Click the chosen limit to sort services by estimated price in $ per month. Click the service name to go to the site.
Sample limit
Free plan

About this table:
1. This isn’t an offer. The prices were taken from the service’s sites and are updated as often as possible. The table is here just for informational purposes only. It’s main goal is to help you to compare different services by the price tag.
2. Different services have different emails limits. Limits given in the table are just samples showing the general differences in prices.
3. AuthSMTP service has only a yearly payment available. Prices per month given in the table are calculated by dividing yearly price by 12.
4. Mailjet has got a little different limits than other services and they have a price/email after reaching the limit option, which is quite interesting by the way. So – the prices in our table are calculated. If paying for each email over the service limit to reach the above table limit is cheaper than the price for the next higher limit, than this is the price shown in the table. Otherwise – we give you the price for the next higher limit.
5. We hope that this is helpful for you! Feel free to comment in the contact us section.

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Oh, and one more important thing – we would like to be completely straight with you, so please remember, that this is an affiliate site. Most of the links leading to SMTP service providers are affiliate links and we earn a commission by them. So if you are not OK with this – go strait to, where you will find all the links you need in non-affiliate version. Of course you can still use the content on this site if you like! Feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions.

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